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SDPhotoPros was created in January 2000, by Martin Trailer and Paul M. Bowers to provide a private forum for encouraging the discussion of business practices among the San Diego, California commercial, portrait/wedding and editorial photography community. Membership to this group is limited to working professionals, their assistants and students majoring in photography and photojournalism.

Is this ASMP, APA or PPA? No- we are not affiliated with any specific business or trade organization, but you are encouraged to participate there as well. The immediacy and ease of access via email makes our type of group powerful and timely. Asking for help brings faster response from one's peers. Pricing questions and suggestions are answered with a variety of viewpoints so quickly, it can help out in a jam RIGHT NOW.

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New York Times Article about the state of Photographic Industry, 03-2010

Some wise words;

"There's nothing in the world that
some man cannot make a little worse
and sell a little cheaper, and for those who
consider price only, are this man's lawful prey."

 A famous writer responding to FREE....

Getting paid-  A writer's opinion that easily translates to photographers

For many service professions, many don't consider the costs of doing business.  Here is a photographer responding to a request for FREE PHOTOS.
Priceless response being asked to work for FREE. This being Photographer specific. (English Humor)

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